Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clone wars scene switcheroo!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here I hope to be posting periodic reviews and more detailed content I don't get to share with you guys on the Underworld! Right now lets get down to business. The first time I watched the second to the last Clone Wars episode "Hunt for Ziro" (which was awesome, btw) I immediately noticed something different. There is a scene in "Hostage crisis" (The episode that immediately precedes "hunt for Ziro" chronologically)  where Cad Bane, Ziro and the rest of the gang are flying away from the Senate just after Bane has detonated the explosives that surrounded the Senators. Those of you with a keen eye would have noticed that the pillar of smoke from the explosion is billowing from the Senate Rotunda (The large mushroom shaped building), not the domed Republic Executive Building as seen in the first part of the episode. Star Wars Insider recognized the mistake and said it might be corrected in a future "Special edition" release of the Season 1 episode. So now, two seasons later, we come to "Hunt for Ziro". In the opening news reel the same scene flashes up on the screen but it's different, they've fixed scene and moved the smoke to it's rightful place on the opposite building. But they didn't stop there, the structure on the bottom of the dome has changed, the texture of the buildings have changed and they even changed some  of the surrounding buildings. They did a complete makeover of the shot. Check it out below.
I dunno how many of you noticed this, I didn't hear anybody talk about it and LucasFilm didn't officially address it so I thought I'd do it myself. Well I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, I hope to to have more coming soon. Farewell and may the Force be with you! :-D


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