Saturday, December 22, 2012

Announcement: Clone Wars Bloopers Has Moved To The SWU

For almost two years now I have enjoyed bringing you Clone Wars Bloopers, where I pick apart each episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and give my analysis of the production mistakes. Throughout this time I have been heavily involved with another fan community; the Star Wars Underworld. So far I have kept   this blog, and CWB, separate from the SWU. But with the launch of the Underworld's new site I feel it's time for that to change.

I'm very excited to announce that Clone Wars Bloopers will now be moving from this blog to StarWarsUnderworld.Com. All past editions, covering seasons one through four are there now there, along with Revival & the Onderon Arc from season five. And you can expect all future editions to be posted there as well. Please join the SWU site, like the page and be on the lookout for brand new editions of Clone Wars Bloopers coming soon!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Origin Of The Underworld

The Underworld's first Profile Pic/Logo, made by Chris.

My name is Ben Hart and you probably know me as the "Founder" of the Star Wars Underworld, which basically means I'm the dude who clicked the "Create page" button way back when.  Today marks the Underworld's second anniversary and I wanted to take some time to explain how exactly the Underworld came to be. It's nothing compelling or thrilling, just a little tale about how I ended up in the right place at the right time...

I've been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. I will admit there were times when my fandom faded in and out, sometimes I would become hyped up about other things, but nothing ever stuck with me like Star Wars did. After the release of Revenge of the Sith not much was going on in the Star Wars universe. During that period I kept my fandom alive by hunting down and watching fan films like "Ryan VS Dorkman" and playing Battlefront II.

Then came 2008 and the Clone Wars film, I was pretty excited for it but ultimately I wasn't able to catch it in the theater. The Clone Wars fell off my radar for a while, until one Saturday I discovered that the first two episodes of the newly launched series were available on iTunes. I was skeptical of this whole Clone Wars thing but I decided to give it a shot and buy one of the episodes, and it was the second episode Rising Malevolence. It was love at first watch. I was blown away and preceded to watch it many more times that day. Needless to say I became an avid viewer of TCW, and soon after began chatting with other fans on the episode guides on

Meanwhile, I had joined Facebook, and for a while I had wanted to start my own page on the site. But I knew one thing for sure: It wasn't going to have anything to do with Star Wars. Reason being, all my friends and Family were well aware of my love for Star Wars, I wanted to do something that would impress them. Creating a Star Wars page would be too predictable. Plus, I felt that I was too "Into" Star Wars, that it may even be immoral to be almost obsessed with the Saga as I was. Oh how wrong I was.

Season one of TCW came and went, on I took on the screen name "AdmiralTrench" and befriended several people, including "Rexbeatsall", a.k.a Anthony, who had his own site called "". Through it he provided episodes of TCW shortly after(Or sometimes before) they aired for those of us who couldn't watch them on TV. About midway through Season two Anthony started a new site called "Master Toons" which served the same purpose and more. It was not long after until we started noticing our posts disappearing, especially those linked to MT.

The admin there was obviously cracking down on us, for good reason of course. Within this I saw an opportunity: We needed a private place to chat and share links to MT, and perhaps I could give this Star Wars Facebook page thing a try after all. And since I didn't know a single person who liked Star Wars as much as I did, this would give me a chance to finally share my love of the Saga. But first I wanted to know what my friends on thought of the idea. So I posted this:

The reaction wasn't encouraging, those who did respond predicted that it most likely wouldn't be successful. But there was no turning back, I was now determined to make this happen regardless of what anyone thought.

The next day, April 10th 2010, I created a page and called it "Clone Wars Commentary". A few minutes later I deleted it, realizing that not only was it a stupid name but it would be foolish to limit myself to strictly TCW when I loved the entire Saga. So I started over and came up with a more original name, one that reflected the mission of this page, which was to exchange information secretly and beyond the watchful eye of the "authorities". And it was "The Star Wars Underground". But alas, there was already a fan group called "Underground" on Facebook. So I went back to the drawing board and settled for "Underworld". Although I can't recall exactly how I came up with Underworld, I'm willing to guess the Season two finale trailer helped inspire me, since it mentions the Coruscant Underworld.

The first few things I posted on the Underworld.

And so it began, by that night it had 7 fans. Within a week it had gained 40, and the next 107. In that period Chris, Jordan, Ruari and Dave stumbled upon it, just to name a few. I ran it solo for a few months, and even managed to start up a Twitter and Forums. Not long after I was preparing to shut down the page for a couple weeks because I was going on vacation, when Anthony suggested that Chris and Jordan should be made admins to take over in my absence. I complied and little did I know it would be the best thing that ever happened to the Underworld. And the rest, they say, is history...

If there's any moral I want to convey through this, it's this: Don't let anyone, including yourself, discourage you from pursuing your passions. If you know it and love it, then embrace it! Don't worry about what others might think, just do it!!

Our current logo.

In conclusion I would like to thank EVERYONE who has Liked, followed, shared, tweeted, and supported us these past two years! I would also like to send out my most sincere thanks to the entire SWU crew: Chris, Jordan, Dominic, Savanna, Tanner, Kyle, Dave, Ruari, Trey, the list goes on! You have made the Underworld what it is today! You have all changed my life and I can't thank you enough!

Sincerely, your friend, Benjamin. -B-

Thursday, November 17, 2011

URL Change/New Email

In order to make this blog a bit more uniform I've changed it's URL. This blog's new address is:

If you have a link to this blog on your own site it most likely will not work now. I'd appreciate if you took a second to redo the link. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

The URL for my Facebook page has changed as well. You can now find it at:

I also have a new email address:

Whether you have Quotes or trivia for the Underworld, Bloopers or even ideas for stuff to post here, drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, MTFBWY! -B-